Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you create Custom Projects? 

Absolutely! We have created a wide variety of products for our WWG community from charcuterie boards of all shapes and sizes, to home signage, to benches, coffee tables, and home furniture. 

We always love the opportunity to work with our clients and turn their vision into a reality! If you have an idea for a custom project, let us know what you're thinking, and better yet - send us a picture! We would love to hear about it and work our magic!

Please fill out the Custom Order Form by clicking the red tab in the bottom right corner, and we can work together to create the perfect project for you!


What are your Finishing Stain and/or Epoxy Options?

Our 'for the home' product section features a variety of shelving that can be finished in one of four options: No Stain, Grey, Cherry, or Dark Walnut. Alternatively, we often finish our shelves with a unique 'burnt wood' technique, called shou sugi ban.

Shou Sugi Ban is a traditional Japanese method of preserving wood by slightly charring the surface. This creates a more durable, waterproof wood and protects it against insects. This option is excellent for outdoor planter boxes & patio furniture; however, it also provides  your indoor pieces with a swirling, artsy finish too!

Finishing colour examples:

Our 'epoxy & resin' product section features a variety of both CNC custom signs/coasters etc. and charcuterie boards that use different colours of epoxy to get the desired effect and finish. There is a wide range of colours we can use for your custom piece:

Epoxy Resin colour examples:

Black Onyx

Caviar Black

Liquid Metal Pearl

IR Blue

Deep Blue Sea

Blue / Green

Blue Slate

Bora Bora Blue

Maui Blue

Lux Blue

Lux Blue/Violet

Midnight Diamond Blue

Sapphire Metallic Blue

Golden Indigo

Turquoise Diamond Effect

Lux Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Green Envy

jungle Green

Diamond Copper Penny



Fire Truck Red

Diamond Liquid Fire

Gold / Orange

Vivid Orange

Roman Gold

Tuscan Sunset

Flourescent Purple

Imperial Purple Haze

Shost Satin Green

Starry Night


How Do I Care For My Cutting Board?

Congratulations on the purchase of your beautifully handcrafted-with-love cutting board! This cutting board was created with the highest quality materials and is designed to last a lifetime.

How to clean your board:

In most cases, hand washing with warm soapy water is sufficient to clean your cutting board. Once in a while, to refresh the board and disinfect it, you may rub course salt and either lemon juice or white vinegar on the surface of the board before washing with warm soapy water. It is important to note that even if you don’t use both sides of the board, you should wash both sides to keep the moisture content of the board consistent throughout.


Never submerge the board in water or put it in the dishwasher. This could cause irreparable damage and warping. Stand the board up on it’s side to dry as this will allow air flow on both sides of the board, and will help prevent warping due to trapped moisture on one side.

Simple Maintenance:

Once per month, simply use mineral oil or a board butter blend (find our suggested blend in the merch section) to oil/wax the board and give it a fresh seal and look. If the board feels rough due to heavy usage, you may also use sandpaper to give it a smooth finish before this step if required. When choosing sandpaper, we recommend 80 grit, followed by 120 and then finally 220 grit.

What Should I AVOID To Ensure A Long Life Span for My Board?

• Do not set hot pots and pans on the cutting board

• Do not use vegetable based oils on the board, they will rot over time and contaminate your food

• No need to use scouring pads or chemical cleaning sprays on wooden cutting boards


Enjoy! If you have any other questions regarding your new board, please don't hesitate to get in touch!